Your New Zealand Home Inspection Checklist


Anyone who is buying a house for commercial or residential purposes would benefit from investing a pre-purchase house inspection to make sure the property is worth the asking price. Pre purchase inspections are designed to protect you as the buyer from making a potentially costly mistake. House inspections help to highlight problem areas that might not be noticeable with the naked eye helping you safeguard your investment. A professional property inspector will do through review your home and land area but here is a quick checklist of the main areas they will be focusing on:

Insulation– what type of insulation is in the property/ where it is and what the quality is like
Water leaks
Cracks or damage to walls
Signs of damp
Signs of pest infestation
Roof and guttering- Is there damage or rust?
Electrical work
Is the property at risk of flooding?

Some of these areas you can see when you visit the property at an open home but checking out the structural aspects of your potential home is best left to the professionals as they know exactly what they are looking for. Once you find a licensed professional house inspector the on site visit will consist of several parts. The house inspectors will most likely look at the outside of your home first. This is to ensure that there are no problems with the roof, chimney or any other areas of the exterior. However, the majority of the inspection is going to be done inside the home. The team will look at everything from the plumbing pipes, furnace and hot water tank to the overall structural integrity of the home. Any issues will be noted and you will be notified of the severity of the problem.

Once you have your completed building inspection reports in Wellington you have several options when negotiating the final sale. One option would be to have the current owner make the necessary repairs before the deal is closed. Be sure to specify that the repairs are to be made by a reputable contractor. Some repairs, such as plumbing or electrical work, will require the services of a licensed professional. It would be wise to have your inspector recheck the work to ensure that it has been done properly. Secondly, you could negotiate a lower price and have the repairs done yourself. Finally, a third option is to take the information and just walk away from the sale. It might have been your dream home, but you don’t want it to turn into a renovation nightmare!

You get unbiased feedback with a house inspection from a local expert who will provide a comprehensive report of all the components of the property in their building report. It’s a steadfast way to provide you peace of mind before you buy your dream home.

If you are selling a house then getting a building report done on your existing property, before you put your home up for sale, can go a long way in boosting the price of the property as you have the opportunity to address any issues before a potential buyer identifies them.

If you want to organise a house inspections in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt or the Greater Wellington area contact NZ House Surveys: for honest and reliable advice.


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